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Frequently asked questions

How can I place an order?
Go to our website www.walkingdinner.com. In the navigation menu, select "Book now" and choose your city of interest. Fill in the number of persons, any dietary requirements and select a date in the timetable. Subsequently, select your desired starting time and click on "Book now". Now you will be redirected to your cart and if everything is okay, you can select "Proceed to Checkout". By checkout, fill in your billing details, method of payment and check the "Iíve read and accept the terms & conditions" box and finish the order by clicking on "Place order". Finish the payment and your order has been placed!
Whatís the price for a great WALKING DINNER night?
The price for a great WALKING DINNER night varies per city. However, for all cities you will be served 3 different courses (1. Starter 2. Main course 3. Dessert) at 3 different restaurants. A glass of wine (or other consumption) is also included in the price. Further, you will receive a great walking tour (passing by some of the greatest highlights of a city) by email and restaurants will be informed about your arrival and will reserve a seat.
What is the deadline for making a reservation?
The deadline for making a booking is one day in advance (till 18:00). However, itíll be great if you can make your booking at least one week in advance (especially for groups of 8 persons and more).
Can I change the date of my booking?
It is indeed possible to change the date of your booking. Please send us an e-mail and we will process this for you. Remember to send this e-mail at least three days in advance (before 5.00 p.m.) for a group of eight or more persons or at least one day in advance (before 5.00 p.m.) for a group of less than eight persons.
Can I cancel my booking and get a refund?
It is indeed possible to cancel your booking and receive a refund. Please send us an e-mail at least one day in advance (before 5.00 p.m.). If you want to cancel a booking for 10 persons or more, please send an e-mail at least one week in advance (before 5.00 p.m.).
How do I know whether my paymentís been succeeded?
After finishing a booking for WALKING DINNER, you will receive a confirmation email within 5 minutes. If you didnít receive this email, please check your spam and junk box. Still no e-mail? Donít panic and contact us by email (info@walkingdinner.com).
I donít have internet banking?
WALKING DINNER has chosen to process all payments by internet banking. If you donít have or want to do internet banking, you might hopefully know someone who can do this for you. For companies we make an exception: they can pay by invoice.
Can I change the sequence of restaurants?
Unfortunately, that wonít be possible. Weíve made an agreement with all participating restaurants to serve a fixed course throughout the entire year.
Questions related to our Gift Cards?
Please check the FAQ on our Gift Card Page.
Can I order a guide who accompanies us?
Of course this can, however we will charge an additional fee for this (price varies per city).
Is it possible to have a custom-made WALKING DINNER evening?
No problem! We will do our very best to meet certain specific custom-made demands. This might however influence the price. Please send an email to info@walkingdinner.com with your specific demands and we will work things out for you!